How about a bit of Fenway Park trivia? Did you know the “Green Monster” wasn’t always green? Do you know why there is one lone red seat in a sea of green? I have the answers to these questions and more.

How about some Fenway Park Trivia. The Green Monster used to be blue and be covered with ads and commercial banners before 1947. Players complained that the ads were a distraction so the owner took them down and painted the wall green which by the way is a trademarked color.

Why is the 37 foot wall there? Some say it’s because of the short left field, others say the wall is there because the owner at the time didn’t want freeloaders watching games from outside the ballpark.

The red seat in the bleacher section is the location of the first 500 foot home run hit at Fenway Park. The home run was hit by Ted Williams in 1946.

The first game at Fenway was on April 20, 1912 and lastly and kind of an interesting tidbit “the wave” is rumored to have started at Fenway Park as well.