The good news is I hopefully took care of the issue. Today I was just puttering around and saw something that disgusted me and freaked me out a little. One of our storage drawers had a number of sugar ants crawling around it. 

At first I felt like throwing out the plastic drawer, but quickly I changed my thinking and decided to just go through it outside and figure out what the problem was. Of course this drawer was stocked full with a ton of snack type foods that rarely ever get touched. As well as ketchup packets, extra salsa packs from taco kits, salt for soft pretzels and alike. Everything had at least one ant crawling on it.

I found the source, a single serve pudding that somehow started leaking. I'm not sure if was broken by tossing other stuff on top of it, or if the ants burrowed into it, but either way I tossed much of what was in the drawer and sent it to the sidewalk. Thankfully today is garbage day. Then I totally scrubbed the drawer and put it back. Oddly it was the only drawer with the issue. All the same I went through the others and washed them out as well.

As I said at the top of the post, it looks like I took care of the issue. I have never had a sugar ant problem before. Would it be the insulation work that we had done that could have created this? Could it be the weather? Or just an oversight in food storage?

In my mind now I feel paranoid like we're now infested with them and we need to move. Again, reality tells me that it's an isolated incident we'll be fine continuing to live in this house.

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