Pay It Forward: It’s Renee Nelson’s Birthday Wish
Today, August 9th, is my birthday. In the birthday spirit of the giving of the gifts, it is my birthday wish that you do something nice for someone else. ‘Pay It Forward’ is good any day…but on my birthday, I think it is even a better reason. Now, give me my gift...what did you do?? It does not have to be a grand gesture or cost you anything. It just requires you take some sort of action for anoth
Gabbie + Alice Update [VIDEOS]
You might remember Alice Willette and Gabbie St. Peter. They are second graders from the George J. Mitchell School in Waterville, who told us their story about a month ago. They had decided for their recent 8th birthday that instead of gifts that they would ask people to donate to the food pantry in their school. Who knew that their selfless act would generate such an outpouring of success. They h
Happy 35th Birthday, Adam Levine!
Have you been keep up with ‘The Voice’? One of the judges today has a birthday, Adam Levine. If you don’t watch "The Voice', maybe you know him from Maroon 5? If not Maroon 5, then maybe the TV show, ‘American Horror Story’? At any rate, today he turns 35.

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