How Did I Not Realize This Augusta Store Had Closed?!
I'll admit that I am usually the last person to realize that something has changed. Even if that change involves a store that is literally right next to where I work closing down. Apparently I have missed this one for quite sometime. Long story short, I ordered a ton of stuff from Amazon for my recording studio update that I'm doing at my house...
Several Augusta School Cafeteria Workers Laid Off
According to the Kennebec Journal, four cafeteria staff within the Augusta Public School system have been laid off. The layoffs come as a result of fewer school lunches being served under the free and reduced lunch programs. That is a direct result of children learning remotely and/or only going to school a few days a week as opposed to a normal school year's full 5-day-a-week schedule... Read Mor
Is Maine Going To Use Closed K-Marts As Vaccination Centers?
With every passing day, Maine gets more doses of the coronavirus vaccine.  Sure, it is not as many doses as we were hoping for, but we are getting to the point where we can move to the next phase.  And, as more of the in-development vaccines get approval, we will see a flood of vaccine doses coming into the state. ...
Take a Detailed Look at Matt's Home Broadcast Studio
With the COVID-19 pandemic back on the increase we decided, at least for now, the the safest bet was for us to return to temporarily working from home. Obviously it's not what we want to be doing but, given the circumstances, we felt that it was best...

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