A Company That’s Not All Hype…There’s A Lot to be Said for Service After the Sale; Thank You Levesque Pools!
When we decided to get a pool seven or eight years ago, we went with Levesque Pools in Benton. The Moose had a working relationship with them and I really liked Tom Spencer, the only one I knew there at the time. We knew we needed an above ground because our property is all ledge. We knew we wanted something around 24 feet in diameter. We DIDN'T know we had to choose the STYLE of pool we wanted. I
Car Accident On My Way Home Last Night
Last night didn't go quite as I wanted. After the show, I hopped into my car as usual to head home. Turned left out of the Augusta Plaza to head home to Auburn, everything was going well until the light on the opposite side of Irving and Augusta Crossing. I was at that red light. I didn't hear anything, no brakes or even the car. I was rear-ended. The guy who hit me was nice enough. I guess he sho