Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars
The cast of the 18th season of 'Dancing With the Stars' has officially been announced! Here is who we can expect to see competing for the mirrorball trophy this season.
Proof that Bill Nye Is Going to Win ‘Dancing With the Stars’
Yup, Bill Nye the Science Guy is going to be on season 17 of 'Dancing With the Stars.' We think he's going to win. Not just because we're looking for some sort of 'Revenge of the Nerds'-type fantasy to play out (well, mostly that), but also because Nye has got some moves. Don't believe us? Fine, we're used to that. Check out these GIFs.
New 'DWTS' Cast
The cast of season 16's 'Dancing With the Stars' was announced, and unlike most of the previous seasons, you may actually know some of the stars on this one.