daylight saving time

Accumulating Snow Possible for Central Maine on Friday
It's not even Halloween yet but there is still a chance for some accumulating snow on Friday. According to Todd Gutner at News Center Maine, it currently looks like the perfect combination of weather patterns to get us to a 'first snow' just before the weekend Halloween festiviti…
Maine Time Zone
Maine could be moving to a new time zone. According to the Sun Journal, a measure is under consideration by the Committee on State and Local Government, that would in effectively lock Maine into daylight saving all year, instead of just spring to fall.
A History Of Daylight Saving Time..Why Do We Still Do It?
This weekend we have to set the clocks back an hour.
Back in 1784 Benjamin Franklin had an idea to save candles by waking up earlier in the day to get things done during daylight. It is said he proposed a tax on window shutters and waking the public by ringing church bells and firing cannons early in…
Is Daylight Savings Time Irrelevant in 2013?
What is the real purpose in 2013 for Daylight Savings Time? I know it adds a bit of daylight to the end of the day rather than having it first thing in the morning. Today with a 24-hour lifestyle, it almost seem irrelevant at least as far as I can see. Locally in Maine, life my be slower, but in big…