The Drunkest Counties In Maine
I found an article that caught my eye on the website onlyinyourstate.com. It ranked the top ten drunkest counties in Maine. In recent data, Maine sits near the top in alcohol consumption nationwide. These rankings are based from data from County Health Rankings and Roadmaps and their look at those saying they engage in excessive drinking. They also used data of the highest number of bars per capit
Really? Maine Tops the List of States That Drink The Most?
All-righty-then, pass the Allen's. According to this survey from 'Blowfish for Hangovers', Maine is at the top of the list of states that drink the most. Maine is followed on the list by Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware and Washington D.C. But we are Mainers, we don’t complain about hangovers! Maine did NOT make the top five list of those who do whine about hangovers.

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