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Maine’s Electoral College Voters Cast Their Ballots On Dec. 19
While it's highly unlikely, there could be some national fireworks on Monday, Dec. 19 if some members of the Electoral College decide not to vote for the candidate that won their district, and change the outcome of the presidential election. Any Mainer who wishes to watch the Electoral College process can come to a ceremony on Monday where the state's electors will cast their ballots and the resul
Need voting info?
Election Day is tomorrow, and unless you are one of the over 200,000 voters in Maine who have cast early ballots, you'll likely be heading to the polls tomorrow. For anyone unsure of where to vote, the state of Maine's official website has you covered with the Maine Voter Information Lookup Service.
Early voting
Have you voted yet? Well, if you have, you are not alone. According to the Washington Post, Maine is one of the states which has seen a big increase in early voting over 2012 totals.
Vote naked
We're coming up to a very important election, and in her rush to get to the polls, it seems that Katy Perry was videoed in an attempt to vote naked!