Best Places To See Foliage In Maine This Weekend
We're still a few weeks away from peak season, but it's getting closer. If you're headed to the Fryeburg Fair this weekend, a swing on routes 117, 4, 5, and 302 will give you many colors. Still, a run up to Houlton, or the Moosehead region will have the best sights in Maine...
Are You Ready For Some Fall Colors? 2014 Fall Foliage Reports Start Sept 10!
September! It is almost fall in New England. Maine conservation officials say they're expecting a vibrant fall foliage season. So it is time for the  weekly fall foliage report. The reports will start on Sept. 10 and run through Oct. 25. So, what to expect…officials say that conditions in northern Maine meant that residents and visitors will likely see subtle color changes and low leaf drop. Read
It’s Back: Maine Fall Foliage Reports
Fall is here and the trees are getting colorful.  If you want to catch a peek of the peak, the Maine Fall Foliage Reports are back and ready to help you get your leaf peeping on. The color is here and leaves are still on most of the trees, so it looks great. Find the best colors for your weekend road trip.
Fall TV Line Up: September 23-29 is the Big Week
I love TV. I admit it. With back to school upon us, now comes my favorite time of the year.  The new television season! Things get rolling this this week. Thanks to Hulu and Netflix, I have done an amazing job of watching older shows I have wanted to see, I am looking forward to some new entertainment.
Put a Fork in Summer…It’s Over
Well, the nights have been pretty chilly since early/mid August and now, although I love the crisp weather, I don't like what it ushers in. I don't like putting away and winterizing the boat and camper. I used the boat four times and didn't spend a single night in the camper. Soon, they'll both covered in a blanket of snow and ice....for almost 9 months! YIKES! That's a long freakin' time! Re

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