Flood Warning Issued For The Kennebec River
Like many who have been enjoying this warm, summer like weather, I sat down by the river on my lunch break in downtown Augusta, today. The river was quite high, and now the MEMA Site has issued this flood warning. Event: Flood Warning Alert: ...
The Great Flood of '87
On March 31, 1987, I was a bartender at Bravo's Mexican Restaurant in downtown Gardiner. I was closing the restaurant for the night, when the owner called me and told me to put out 7 or 8 sandbags in front of the back door (the River side) he had brought in earlier and left in the office as he had heard that it was possible the Kennebec might flood and we could get hit with some minor damage... Re
Kennebec River Flooding [VIDEO]
The waters of the Kennebec River keep right on rising throughout the day on April 16. As of noon, the roads leading to the river in Hallowell were all closed due to flooding and in Augusta, it looked like the fast-flowing river was going to burst its banks along Water Street...