'The Strain' Season 3 Mutates New Opening Credits
FX’s The Strain has tried out a few different promotional strategies for Season 3, and its new credits might be the clearest depiction yet. The Guillermo del Toro vampire drama takes a third stab at flashy new titles, looking a bit like The Walking Dead meets American Horror Story.
Sarah Paulson Returning for 'American Crime Story' Katrina
The absurd amount of work Sarah Paulson pulled double-duty between The People v. O.J. Simpson and American Horror Story: Hotel will surely pay off come Emmy-time, but can she do it all over again? Sources say the actor is ready to don her next wig for the Katrina-set American Crime Story Season 2, a…
Angela Bassett Teases 'American Horror Story' S6 Character
It was around this time last year we first learned Lady Gaga would lead American Horror Story into its Season 5 Hotel setting, while thus far Season 6 has only Gaga and Angela Bassett to its name. Now, Bassett offers a small tidbit to her Season 6 character that may point toward the overall directio…

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