Things You Won’t Find In Today’s Playgrounds
When I was growing up in Auburn, we would often go to Pettingill Park and spend hours upon hours in the public playground. This past weekend, I went to a local playground with my friend and his young son and it dawned on my how much they have changed.
Meet Me at the Winds-ah Fay-ah, Dee-ah
Well, the Windsor Fair is here. Since I was a kid, the fair has marked the end of summer, despite what the calendar says. Back to school, close the pool, store the boat, sell the goat. Okay, that last one was just complete the rhyming thing I had going.
What Schoolyard Games Did You Play as a Kid?
Every school I know and have been around has a “zero tolerance” policy towards guns and this includes toy guns, so I have to agree with suspending the student for bringing a squirt gun to school. Yes, I’m referring to the story out of Lewiston High School where some students are playing a game called, “Assassin” with squirt guns.

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