Central Maine Pick Your Own Pumpkin Guide
Halloween is only three weeks away and it's time to start thinking about getting the pumpkins to decorate your home, for the kids to carve and for pumpkin pies. A great way to spend some time with your family is by going to a local pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin or two.
2016 Maine Corn Maze Guide
With summer fading away, family fall fun in Maine is right around the corner. Corn mazes have really become popular and there are many of them in Maine that your family can enjoy.
Maine Raspberry Pick Your Own Guide
It could be the most underappreciated fruit out there, the raspberry. If you are like me and enjoy raspberries, you and the family might want to visit an area farm to pick-your-own raspberries. It's not quiet to the level of picking your own apples or strawberries but it's still an afternoon of family fun and a yummy payoff.
2016 Central Maine Mini Golf Course Guide
Memorial Day weekend means summer fun! One longtime family fun activity is mini golf. You have to appreciate some of those creative mini golf courses, the windmills, twists and turns, the loop to loop, the water hazards. Mini golf is just flat out fun.
Maine Maple Sunday Guide
Maine Maple Sunday is on March 27, 2016. It's a great time for families to visit a local sugarhouse and sample some fresh Maine Maple Syrup! Here's a guide of participating locations for Maine Maple Sunday. Since Maine Maple Sunday is on Easter Day this year, a few of the locations are holding events on March 20, 2016.
Here Is A Handy Tipping Guide
Ever wonder who you should tip and how much you should give? Here is a guide of amounts and percentages. It's also a guide as to who should be tipped. Of course there will always be debate and by no means is this the "tipping bible," but it is a reference if you're unsure.