Eight Winter Hair Care Items to Keep Your Hair Healthy
Winter can be tough on your hair. Whether you use heat to style your hair or you just like hot showers, it can leave your hair damaged and in need of moisture. So I've put together a handy list of products and accessories to help you keep your hair healthy, shiny and damage free!
Malls in 1989 – The Hair, Clothes + More
A "Throwback Thursday" account from 25 years ago. The year was 1989 and Taylor Swift was born, yikes! However as Kid Rock sang in "All Summer Long," "It was 1989, my thoughts were short my hair was long, caught somewhere between a boy and man" now to that I can relate.
As a Guy and a Media Rep, I’m Insulted that the Media Would Focus on THIS! [Video]
Why? That's my question! Why would the media pick on something so personal and so in the periphery of a Clippers game. This video has gone viral and this poor woman (Rebecca Grant) is being made a spectacle of for grabbing her breasts for a quick moment. The only reason I'm giving it attention is because it's viral and the press (including a long form interview by Fox News) won't leave her al