$188 Dollar House Up for Sale in Flint Michigan!
A home in Flint, Michigan, if for sale for just $188. The economy is so bad that even the city can't afford to buy it.
Flint use to be a town of about 196, 000 residents when the Detroit auto market was booming. The population has fallen to around 99, 000 these days and the median household in…
Maureen Hancock
Maureen had it going on this morning (Sept 5) with Jessica and Katherine on the Moose Morning Show. It's hard to be my typical, skeptical, self when stuff like this happens!
Visit to the Blaine House
When I went to efile my taxes last night, TurboTax told me that, because of something on the form, my Maine taxes had to be mailed. At 6pm, there's no post office in China open and I wasn't about to go to Augusta so I mailed them this morning....the 16h, not the 15th...
Greg’s House Six Months Later
It dawned on me during my drive home from work that we have been living in our new house now for six months today. We closed on June 29, 2012. There are only 54 low monthly payments left and the house will be mine in 2042. Have we settled in? For the exception of a few boxes of odds and ends we'…