Some Information About Maine’s Bear Hunt Referendum from People Who Have a Clue [VIDEO]
This is an opinion piece from a life-long Mainer. I've hunted and fished in this state since I was a little boy. I'll be honest. I don't bear hunt. Never have and probably never will. It just doesn't interest me. But I do have some skin in the game and, if you're a true, tax paying, Mainer, so do you. A yes vote on question 1 this November will stop the use of bait, dogs and traps in hunting bear.
Texas Tech Cheerleader, Kendall Jones, Called ‘The Most Hated Person on the Internet!’ [Video]
Kendall Jones' Facebook page has well over 422, 000 likes and it's NOT because she's a Texas Tech Cheerleader! Reaction is quite mixed as to what she's using the page for, promoting her African hunts as she poses with dead amimals. Emotions are running so high, in fact, that there's a move afoot asking Facebook to remove her page. Yet, she isn't doing anything illegal!