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A Fun Night Out with Friends at The Fusion of Windsor
It's been about a year since everything in our lives went completely haywire and we needed to rethink the way we do literally everything. Including, but not limited to, buying toilet paper.
Well, one of the worst effects of the COVID pandemic was not being able to go out and eat with friends for…
Central Maine Restaurants Reopen Today For Dine-In Service
It feels like it's been forever and a day, but we finally get to return to dine-in eating as of today! Well, most of us anyway.
According to the Kennebec Journal, today, May 18th, restaurants in twelve of Maine's sixteen counties can, if they choose to, reopen for limited dine-in and p…
Lewiston Restaurant Makes Awesome Music Video for Customers
Not only is it super-funny, it's also incredibly heartfelt. The crew and some of their significant others at The Pit Bar & Grill in Lewiston have made a video to remind their loyal customers just how much they're thinking of them.
The lip-sync video is done to the pop trac…