Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Still Can’t Sing, Drops ‘Last Night’ Track With Lil Wayne
If you are a fledgling artist and you want your song to have a chance at being a hit, you best get Lil Wayne on board. Everything that guy touches usually turns to gold. However, it's going to cost you. If you have buckets of cash, then you can likely hire Wayne. So that's just what heiress Paris Hilton did. The wannabe pop star recruited Weezy for her new song 'Last Night.'
Paris Hilton Makes Out With a Chick, Leaves Her Boyfriend Unimpressed
After a long period of blissful public silence, Paris Hilton is back in a big way. First she said some rather regretful things about gay men, and now she's in the news again -- this time for allegedly sucking face with a woman. Because while gay men are all icky and AIDS-infested, girl-on-girl action? Is totally hot. But her boyfriend didn't seem all that turned on, because he wound up in a fight
That Time Paris Hilton Sounded Like a Homophobic Dolt
Oh hi, Paris! Long time no see. For the youngsters out there, Paris Hilton was the first rich bored socialite to achieve celebrity stardom via sex tape, but maybe you've never heard of her because she's been largely forgotten ever since something shinier and more Kardashian-ier came along. Now everyone's paying attention anew, because Paris was caught on tape saying mindbogglingly ignorant things