Flat Stanley Comes Home to Pittston School at the Year End Carnival! [Video]
So, I showed up Friday at around noon in the doorway of Pittston School with a fistful of Flat Stanleys. Once inside, I was taken to the cafeteria where I thanked the kids for giving us (at 92 Moose) the opportunity to take Flat Stanley on adventures EVERYWHERE! Every child in the school made a Flat Stanley (storybook character) and sent them to me. See, I had lost the first one that a youngster h
Flat Stanley is Taking Over Jon James’ Life; The Tale of a ‘Flat Stanley Monday’
Flat Stanley is a storybook character. Stanley, in the book, gets flattened by a bulletin board and decides to use his new, thin, self to slide under doors and, better still, mail himself to friends in envelopes. Long story short, Mrs. Damon's class at Pittston School sent me one which I was to take with me wherever I went to document things I did. Well, I lost Stanley. Just last week, when Mrs. D