‘Big Hero 6′ Poster Jets In, Plus Watch Teaser for First Trailer
When Disney acquired Marvel, it was only a matter of time before the animated movies started coming. However, no one expected the first Disney-animated Marvel venture to be 'Big Hero 6,' which brings one of the most obscure superhero teams in comic book history to the big screen. The first trailer for the film arrives tomorrow, but to prepare for the big reveal, a poster and a brief teaser have made their way online.
’22 Jump Street’ Sneak Peeks: New Clip, Photos and Poster Show More Undercover Hijinks
Channing Tatum can do many things -- dance like no one's watching ('Magic Mike'), protect the President ('White House Down') and transform into a lupine warrior ('Jupiter Ascending'), to name a few -- but it looks like one thing he can't do is pull off a Latin America accent. Or at least Jenko can't. The first '22 Jump Street' clip dropped online, along with a batch of new photos and a poster, giv
Have You Read the Posters at Your Workplace?
Every day I walk past these posters to make coffee and or go to the bathroom and every day I just take them for granted. The posters are required to be up in a common area of every workplace to be read but have you ever really read them? They’re your employee rights and guidelines of the employee and employer relationship.

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