The Cost of Cars and Keeping Them on the Road
Today was all about cars. I was looking at the license plate on my wife’s car and saw that it had expired last month, February. I was surprised that I let it lapse. Okay, I knew but that was my prepared statement for cops if I got pulled over. All it took was a trip to Auburn city hall and paid $173 and I was good to go with a neon orange sticker for ’03 Saab. I have been asked this probably 10 ti
Is Your Beagle Legal? Dude, Register the Dogs!
ShadowDog is sporting his new tags for the year.  He has the new rabies and the City of Augusta dog registration tags.  I must admit, I have not always been so diligent about registering dogs in the past, but years ago someone from the Kennebec Valley Humane Society explained to me the reason it is SO important.