Waterville’s Top 10 Rated Restaurants According To Yelp
Last week, we wrote about Yelp's Top 10 rated Augusta restaurants and there was some good conversation on our Facebook page from people who agreed or disagreed with the top 10 ratings.
This week, we take a look at Waterville. Again, we are using the website "Yelp" and going by …
What Are The 10 Highest Rated Augusta Restaurants?
The site Yelp is a good site to read reviews and find local restaurants, motels, nightlife, and other categories in your local area. I searched Yelp for the highest rated places to eat in Augusta, and while I agree with most of their list, they are missing a few of my favorite spots to hit...
Restaurants In Central Maine Open For Thanksgiving
So tomorrow is the big day and you just don't feel like cooking? Not to worry, as several area restaurants will be open serving buffets, traditional Thanksgiving dinners, and off the menu items.
There are lots of pro's to going out to eat for Thanksgiving, including no cooking and no clean …

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