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A New ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Spot Gives Us A Few More Clues About the Plot
Blade Runner 2049 sure seems like it’s planning to turn the whole Blade Runner mythos on its head. All of the promotional material has been teasing some kind of revelation that’ll change the future world of replicants forever, but we still have no idea what this revelation will be. What we do know is it definitely has something to do with Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard, who seems to have been in hiding ever since the events of the original film.
Golden Globe Awards
'La La Land' and 'The Night Manager' won big, and 'Moonlight' took Best Motion Picture, Drama. Check out all of the 2017 Golden Globes winners.
Fall in Love With Justin Hurwitz’s Swoon-Worthy ‘La La Land’ Score
Music is everything to La La Land, not just its main mode of communication but its reason for being — all of director Damien Chazelle’s films have centered on the power of music to varying extents. For his most ambitious passion project yet, Chazelle figured he’d need a composer who was up to the task of capturing the swooning romance and the lingering melancholy of the film, and he found one in Justin Hurwitz. And now you can listen to the beautiful La La Land score a whole week before the film hits theaters.
Long Before ‘La La Land,’ Ryan Gosling Released an Album of Spooky Love Songs
In Damien Chazelle’s romantic, musical ode to classic Hollywood, Ryan Gosling takes a combination of words that would usually inspire a heavy sigh — aspiring jazz musician — and transforms it into an incredibly charming performance, as only Gosling can. As Sebastian, Gosling croons and plays piano to such swoon-worthy effect that you might (understandably) assume that his musical skills are nothing more than deceitful movie magic; you’d be wrong. Long before La La Land, Gosling fronted a real-life band that released just one very lovely album in 2009 and subsequently vanished.
Ryan Gosling on SNL
While traditional live sketches are still the backbone of any given episode, modern SNL is frequently at its best in the pre-recorded segments. The past few years have seen an interesting evolution as the silly “digital shorts” of a decade ago have matured into full-blown filmmaking, with sketches that feel more like short films than just a comedy bit. Last night’s Ryan Gosling-hosted episode peaked with a pre-recorded sketch titled “Santa Baby,” which let both SNL and Gosling himself turn the weird up to 11.
SNL Ranked: Ryan Gosling Cracks Up in a Mostly Wonderful, Weird Episode
After taking a bit of a break from acting to make his directorial debut (and to have what I presume is a very adorable baby with Eva Mendes), Ryan Gosling is back. In addition to starring in upcoming films from Adam McKay and Shane Black, the actor is cementing his return with his SNL debut. Gosling can't keep a straight face through most of the episode, which delivers some really weird and delightful sketches with few disappointments. Read on for our ranking of this week's SNL sketches from best to worst.

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