Sam the intern

Sam The Intern 'Turns Back Time'
Millennials these days are used to their clocks automatically setting themselves back. But what happens when you have an 'old school' analog clock that needs to be changed?
Matt James & Sam The Intern go Ghost Hunting
It's that time of the year again (Halloween) where we start to think about hunting ghosts. I mean, that's completely normal, right? Usually we do this with professional ghost hunter in tow, but not this year. This year Sam and I decided to take matter into our own hands, download some free ghost hunting apps and go hunting! Here's how that went
Sam The Unpaid Intern got MARRIED!
It was a beautiful day for a wedding this past Sunday as our favorite unpaid intern (Okay, he's actually paid!) Sam got married! I was thrilled to not only be a groomsman, but also the DJ! I can't tell you how nice it is to see two caring, kind, selfless and awesome souls find each other, fall in love and become married...