Sweet New Magnet Helps Complete My Steps to the Coveted ‘Man Card!’
I think more like a woman than I do a man. Yet I am male. That's why I take every opportunity I can to get a little closer to obtaining the coveted, albeit intangible, "Man Card." Even my business, American Women who Bear Arms ( focuses on women in the shooting world. Still, I'm a man...kind of. I have manly guns and a manly safe. Now, I have a manly magnet for my safe which pr
Augusta Police Chief on Rotary
As I got on to Memorial Circle yesterday I saw a man holding a sign. Not unusual at all. What WAS out of the ordinary, however, is this sign wasn't looking for a handout of money. Instead, it encouraged people to give to the Salvation Army and local food banks!
Dear State of Maine DOT…Thanks for the Warning but Could You Be a Bit More Vague? And Do it More Quickly?
As I was driving to the China Dine-ah for trivia tonight, I got a call from out general sales manager, Julie Beaulieu. "Hey Jonny, did you see the sign by the fire station on route 32 (in South China)?" I had not. She continued, "the sign is warning about a oversize load that MAY be coming down the road on or about May 8th." She laughed, both amused and incredulous. She told me