UPDATE- Two Missing Teens Found Safe
UPDATE-11:35 am. Two missing teens have been found safely just outside of Andover. According to a story on WMTW, Ty Howard-Gotto, 15, and his friend Jonah May, also 15, of Rhode Island, were located just after 10 am on Feb. 17. The WMTW story  said he boys spent the night in a small shelter, and they survived the night in good shape.
Central Maine Snowmobilers: Sledding Will Require a Bit of a Drive
I laughed out loud when I read a headline on the KJ's website this morning: "Franklin, Somerset County Snowmobile Trails Not Ready Yet." Really? The photo accompanying the headline was of brown grass with a few patches of snow. Are there people out there who are that stupid that would think, "there's a little snow...why not use the trails?"

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