‘Kingsman’ Director Matthew Vaughn Confirms ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Talks With Warner Bros.
Back in March it was reported that Warner Bros. was eyeing Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn to helm the sequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Although not officially confirmed, Vaughn seemed like a good, sensible choice; the director who (along with screenwriter Jane Goldman) revitalized the X-Men franchise with First Class could probably steer Henry Cavill’s Superman in the right direction. And that might be the case, as Vaughn says he has indeed had talks with Warner Bros. about helming Man of Steel 2.
Blockbusters Need to Stop Taking Sequels For Granted
This is it. The moment you’ve waited nearly two hours (and technically more than two years, since the film was announced at Comic-Con 2013): Batman and Superman are going to square off. God versus man. Day versus night. Collateral damage ignorer versus criminal brander. Who will prevail? We’re finally going to know!
Barbie’s Superman is the Man of Blue Steel
Today, Mattel finally unveiled the final member of its Barbie-fied DC Trinity. Now Superman can partner up with Batman and Wonder Woman for all kinds of outrageous fashion adventures. Will Darkseid's attack close down the mall and prevent Clark from buying a new flannel shirt? Will Batman finally muster up enough courage to ask Wonder Woman to the Spring Fling? Can the T-birds finally take the Scorpions out on Thunder Road? For a mass-market figure, the Henry Cavill Ken doll head isn't all that bad. It's got those piercing blue eyes; the thick, expressive eyebrows; the cleft chin and strong jawline; it even looks as if he's silently judging you for having your doubts about the DC Cinematic Universe. Or maybe he's just giving you stone cold Blue Steel right in the kisser. Look out Zoolander, Kal-el is coming for you.

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