This is the day I look forward to all winter long. It's the day I am reunited with my 20 feet of motorized fiberglass. With a little luck and an extra propeller or two, it should be a great season!

Although I long for days on the lake, they've been pretty scarce the last few years. This year will be different. I've stopped doing weddings and dances and an focusing my energy solely on 92 Moose and my commercial voice over business. That means a lot of time on Friday evenings and weekends. The downside is it takes a lot of gas to run a speed boat but I'm thinking if I have riders/skiers chip in, I should get by relatively unscathed.

Between meeting listeners at summer events, boating on Maine lakes (you're welcome to hit me up for a ride), golfing and target shooting with my po po pals, it should be a decent summer.

What have you got planned? Maybe we'll bump into each other on the lake or a golf course somewhere along the line!