Have you ever had the dream of owning your own restaurant? Creating a menu that people just loved. Making friends that come back time and time again. There is no question that owning a restaurant is a labor of love. There is a lot of energy and sweat that goes in but the rewards can be life changing.

Now imagine having your own restaurant that doesn't have any competition for miles. Well that dream can now become reality!

According to a Facebook post by Charles MacPherson & the friends of China Maine....The China Dine-Ah is now for sale!

Charles MacPherson/facebook.com

Charlie said he "wanted to thank all of you who tried to jump in with him to save the China Dine-Ah. We talked about everything from potluck dinners to softball tournaments to artisan fairs. It was really heart warming to see so many of you step up to the plate for Lisa!

Charles MacPherson/facebook.com

Sadly, it was not to be. But now you can help once again. Lisa has engaged my services as a Realtor to help her sell the business and real estate.

Charles MacPherson/facebook.com

I'm hoping you can help to spread the word.

With over $1M in gross sales, the $595,000 asking price includes the building, land, furniture, fixtures, equipment and goodwill. As I know you're aware, there's no direct competition for many miles. The China Dine-Ah is the only restaurant with bar service in all of China. The nearest competitor with bar service is the Pointe-Afta, 14 miles away in Winslow.

Charles MacPherson/facebook.com

If you know anyone who is ready to fulfill their dream of owning their own restaurant, please have them contact me - Charlie MacPherson Realtor with EXP Realty. 207-223-3000."

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