'The Lost Kitchen' is a restaurant in Freedom. I have not eaten there. But, I have heard A LOT about it.  You see...chef Erin French created a place that is so desirable getting a reservation can be a challenge. And now...she has a cookbook, 'The Lost Kitchen: Recipes and a Good Life Found in Freedom, Maine'!

I love cookbooks.

As for the restaurant, French cooks a set dinner for about 40 people on four nights a week for 8 months a year. I remember that in when she opened reservations for 2017 she has THOUSANDS of calls!  Clearly, she is doing something right!

But seriously...look at this place!  Can you imagine what it looks like in the fall?

Look at this food!  OHHH the food...

Maybe...someday...I will get whisked away on a magical, fairytale like date to 'The Lost Kitchen'

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