It’s been half a year since the Oxford Casino welcomed people in to play and the casino has taken in more than $30 million in net revenues from slot machines and table games.

The casino is employing about 420 full-time workers, with another 20 openings for full-time positions. The casino has paid out about $13 million in taxes to education, local government and other funds. The casino pays out 46% of slot machine revenue and 16% of table games revenue. Oxford County, which receives 1% of casino revenues, decided to buy 10 replacement cruisers for the Sheriff's Office using the funds, and the town of Oxford, which gets 2%, has offset property taxes and begun improvements.

The casino is expanding the gaming floor, and when this was voted on by Mainers they had plans for expansion for other non-gaming facilities to make the facility more resort like, like a nice hotel and spa. That would make me very happy!