On this date January 10th back in 1949, the vinyl record was introduced by RCA. Records like you may have seen in your parents’ basements or attics. As I wrote yesterday I only have one LP (33.3 RPM record in my possession). That wasn’t the case way back in my younger days.

We talked about full albums yesterday, let’s talk about 45s tonight. My first, which was given to me by my Mom’s friend Barbara back in I’d say 1980 or 1981 was “The Stars on 45.”

I can remember going to the record store and looking at the chart on the wall and seeing the racks with the 45s in order from 1-25 or maybe 30? Some 45s would be sold out due to high demand and some would be at 99 cents or lower to see fast after the songs had peaked.

Some of the other 45s I remember having, “Right on Track” by The Breakfast Club, Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” and “Sunglasses at Night” by Cory Hart. I also bought many Def Leppard singles because the ‘B’ sides would have unreleased tracks.

I remember more of my old cassingles than I do my 45s sadly but I guess it was just the times in which I lived.

Did any of you or your parents have those record players where you could stack albums on each other and they’d drop as the one before it just played?