I knew when I looked outside and saw that the snow had melted away from the top of the pool. Something was wrong. The water, or ice, should have been about level with the top, given all the rain and snow we've had. It was not. I cringed and then investigated.

Where the pool (filtered water) return is, there was a big tear in the liner and the return itself was all contorted in a strange sort of way. And the pool didn't seem quite round anymore. It had sort of an oval shape on one side. I started picturing my summer as one of sitting on the deck with an empty swimming pool nearby or, perhaps. an enormous sand box for Evan. Actually, depending on the outcome, it could be a dry summer or one spent in line at the boat launch waiting to get into China Lake. Hmmmmm. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it! See what I just did there...I used a bridge metaphor while talking about water!

I don't think I did anything wrong closing it for the season. I've done it for several years now and never had anything like this happen. Luckily, the Radiant pools have a lifetime warranty against winter damage. Levesque Pools told me that was one of the benefits. The thing is solid, too. I thought she was, gasp, unsinkable! Have you had any winter damage this year or in years past?

Well with a little luck and 20, 000 gallons of water, we'll be back in business by warm weather!