It’s that time of year, the time when Tiger Cubs roll through the Moose studios on tours. One of the badges they need to move up is a communication badge. The kids need to tour a radio station, TV station or a newspaper. Today we had Pack 647 from Hallowell come through and see how it works.

Always funny to hear the questions kids ask. Often they’re questions I have to look up to answer. Today, “what does VU stand for?” I figured the V stood for volume, but didn’t know what the U was for. It’s unit. VU stands for volume unit.

Radio is a lot different from when I was seven and toured a station with my daycare. What I remember, dudes drinking coffee and eating doughnuts while playing 45s and carts, which are like 8 tracks.

Today instead of shelves of records and CDs lining the studios, the songs and other audio is now digital and stored in something  like a giant iPod. Some things have remained the same, I drink a lot of coffee and I don’t turn away too many doughnuts.

I remember at my tour they promised to play “Electric Avenue” by Eddie Grant and dedicate it to us and they didn’t. It upset me and I don’t believe they even played the song.  In the end I did get over it, but never forgot it.

It was I think in part what sparked my interest in radio. Maybe that’s what I’ve done in one of the many kids who’ve toured these studios. Doesn’t matter what you do in life so long as there is joy, passion and a desire to be better than the day before.