If you’re out on the roads in Maine, police are looking for more than just drunk drivers. Police have stepped up enforcement looking for UN-belted drivers, texting and/or distracted driving and speeding. During the summer months of July, August and September, Troopers wrote 493 tickets for distracted driving/texting, 2, 486 tickets to drivers not wearing seat belts and a whopping 13,134 speeding tickets.

I always wear my belt today and I don't text and drive. I don't text at all, actually. Speeding? Well, I try to keep in at or just above the posted limit. Its funny, when we were younger we just got in the car and went. Didn’t always throw on a seat-belt, young kids weren’t always strapped into a proper car seats, etc. I know airbags have a lot to do with child seat safety today, still though times have changed. I know its better this way over the crazy 70s and 80s. I hardly ever saw anyone wearing a seat belt when I was a kid. Today most do, sometimes you see a driver not wearing one but the the percentage of users must be fairly high. This page claims in the 80 to 90% range.

Why do we have to protect ourselves against ourselves? I used to ask that question all of the time. The answer to that question is in pork, federal money for roads. We pass the law, we get the money. It’s the same thing with the drinking age being 21 and not 18.