Friendship never ends. Friendship also doesn't require you to participate in yet another Spice Girls reunion, apparently.

While rumors have swirled for months that the Girls of Spice would be readying some kind of something to celebrate their 20th anniversary this year (Melanie C casually performing Spice classic "Too Much" certainly did nothing to stop fueling that fire), TMZ confirms that all five Spices will not be giving you everything, nor all that joy can bring, this year.

Why? Because Victoria Beckham has a 'job.' And a 'family.' And a fabulously successful, rich, enviable 'lifestyle.' And she doesn't need all the '90s bubblegum pop nostalgia and platform shoes in her life once again. Ugh.

From TMZ: "Several media outlets reported the entire group will be reuniting in 2016 for a 20th anniversary...but Posh's rep tells us she will categorically not be appearing with the Spice Girls, now or in the future. Her rep says Beckham 'has been very respectful about the fabulous time they had together in the past, however her focus is now very much her family and fashion business.'"

Yeah. We get it, Posh. You're a very big deal now. But so is the 20th anniversary of one of the most iconic girl groups of all time. The fact that you're paying dust to your own collection of solo works is criminal enough as it is. Somewhere, "Let Your Head Go" is weeping.

Not even one one-off performance at the O2 or something? An acoustic reunion moment on BBC Live Lounge? Nothing? Offensive. Disrespectful. AND YET SOMEHOW YOU'RE STILL MY FAVORITE SPICE.

Anyway, everything's garbage, there's nothing worth getting excited about in 2016 now and everyone can go back to bed.

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