I finally got her on the show! Kennebec and Somerset County District Attorney, Maeghan Maloney along with Lynne Dailey of the Family Violence Project stopped in to tell us about a vigil followed by a speak out in Waterville on Wednesday. The event is called, "Pinwheels for Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Awareness."

Did you know that in 2012 in Maine, 8,210 reports were made than involved 16,872 children? And of those, 6,586 were kids age 0-4. That's why, Lynne says, this get together is important.

First will be the vigil at 5:30 in Castonguay Square followed by the speak out in the REM center at The Center at 93 Main Street. Hear our conversation from the Moose Morning Show this morning.

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