Karin Zimba, a fifth-grader at Albert S. Hall School in Waterville is Maine's finalist for the 'Doodle 4 Google' competition. The 8th annual event is open to U.S. kids in kindergarten through 12th-grade.

Karin's older sister, Inga Zimba, was the Maine representative just 2 years ago. Their parents are Yasameen and Travis Zimba of Waterville.

To enter, contestants had to draw a doodle that redesigns the Google logo. The theme this year was, “What makes me … me.”

Karin’s doodle called, 'Serendipity,' includes glass, buttons, stones, shells and other objects. According to a press release from Google:

...her doodle came from the fact that she’s 'a collector of things I’ve made, objects I’ve found, gifts I’ve received, a token from a memorable day.' I like to discover how each object relates to one another and arrange them harmoniously. Collecting reminds me of how we are connected to each other in our own unique way.

Karin’s doodle was selected from around 100,000 received this year.

The national winner will be determined after a public vote narrows all the national finalists down to five. The winner will receive a scholarship, and his or her doodle will be displayed as the Google search engine’s daily doodle on its homepage.

Voting for Karin’s doodle in the Grades 4-5 category at google.com/doodle4google/vote. Voting continues until Feb. 22. The national winner will be announced on March 21.