Even though it has been several weeks since the business closed, I never noticed it was gone until just a few days ago.

Here's my excuse for not noticing before now.  I spent several weeks getting to work early (before the sun came up) and leaving work late (after the sun went down).  So, even though I drive past this place at least twice a day, it was always dark.  That's why I never noticed it was gone.   It wasn't until after my workdays returned to normal (as normal as they get in the radio business, at least) that I noticed that, not only was the business closed, the building was GONE!  Yes, it is now a PARKING LOT!

Driving down Bangor Street in Augusta the other morning, I knew something was "missing".  Finally, I took to Google Street View to compare what I had seen on my drive to what used to be in that location.

Whipper's Car Wash!

Where the longtime car wash once sat, there is now just a parking lot.

A quick call to Whipper's Pizza (which, by the way, is fully open and serving pizza) confirmed that the car wash was gone and that it would not be coming back.  For now, they're using the space as a parking lot, but apparently, the hope is to find a business to lease the space.

Has this ever happened to you before?  You KNOW something is different, but you can't put your finger on it?

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