If you've been following the old swimming pool saga on the Moose Morning Show, you know I've been bugging Jon to come help me with my pool.

It started after my back surgery. I was unable to work on our pool, which I love to do every year. In the meantime, Jonny was bragging about how 'crystal clear' his pool already was.

Move ahead a few weeks, I went back to work, with my pool still down for the count. Jonny openly bragged that his was "pristine."

So, I went on-air, goading Jon to come to my house to help me, while I was recovering. Our wonderful listeners joined in, as well, with a mini facebook campaign. All to no avail.

The selfish pool-boy refused.

Well, now it's another few weeks and Jonny seems to be having problems with a very green pool. Me, on the other hand...ahhhh, a refreshing 82 degrees of pure blue enjoyment.


Only one thing left to say, because, unlike Jonny, I care about my co-workers. So, "Jon, want some help?"