It's back! The 92 Moose ATM is open for business. And the best part? We don't charge you any of those stupid fees.

Going on now through Friday November 2nd, we will have a winner every weekday of $92.30! All you have to do is download our app right here! 

Each night at 8p we will send out (Through the 92 Moose App) the 4 digit pin number that will be valid for the next day. When you hear the ATM sounder on air the next day, be the 9th Moose call (626-200, 547-9200) and give us the secret pin you received on the app the night before and you WIN!

If caller 9 gives the wrong pin, we'll take each caller after that, until the correct PIN is given. Download the app, turn on push notifications and get ready to WIN!

The 92 Moose ATM is powered by Damon's Family of Stores!