Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
loading... calls Maine a "deadbeat" state when it comes to moving forward with electric cars.

What do you think of electric cars? Being that there are less than 200 registered in Maine, Maine residents don’t think too much about them it would seem. The Volt has almost half of the market share now at 98 and the others follow.

I honestly don’t have an opinion on them as I have never driven one. A drawback it would appear is that there are only 13 charging stations in the state.

I’d buy a hybrid, but I’m not sure about an electric car but again I’d have to experience the ride first. Have you driven one or are you one of the 200 Mainers who own one? Love to hear what your experience has been like with electric cars.

I'm not even sure if electric cars took off, they'd be much better on the environment, the electricity comes from somewhere.  I'm sure they'd help on fossil fuel consumption but my question would adding to the grid doesn't seem to me to help as much you'd think.

Source, WGME 13

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