Hey I get this one. I know Sunday night the TV will be on the AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens and my DVR will be recording my 'Downton Abbey,' but not everyone has that option OR wants to wait until the next day to get their 'Downton' fix.
Well, Maine Public Broadcasting created a conflict support phone line. MPBN wants 'Downton’ fans to know when and how they will next have access to episode three of the third season.

The MPBN info line is 330-4549 and it will give you other times for the current episode of 'Downton Abbey.' As for me, I know I can record it on my DVR. I can access later from the Maine Public Broadcasting Network or wait until NEXT Sunday when it plays the most recent show just before the new episode. Trust me, you can still get your 'Downton Abbey.' fix.

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