This Wednesday will see 'Arrow' introduce its toughest sell yet as The CW's DC series brings Barry Allen to Starling City in a flash for "The Scientist," but the scarlet speedster may just be the tip of the iceberg. A new teaser for the series suggests we may be seeing such rumored DC heroes and villains as The Question, Red Hood and more!

Take this with a grain of salt, but the same Warner Bros. source with Bleeding Cool that reportedly confirmed FOX's 'Gotham' TV series would tackle an infamous double homicide in its inaugural episode has issued out a series of cryptic teasers for 'Arrow' season 2, some of which seem to gel with DC spoilers we'd already known about. See for yourself:

“Born on a Monday…”

Someone else survived the island.

Amanda makes an offer.

A better use for that clocktower.

What is the question you should have asked?

Ollie is not the first vigilante.

Not all hoods are green.

A blank expression.



"Born on a Monday" naturally refers to famous undead DC villain Solomon Grundy, who has himself been confirmed to appear in his living incarantion of Cyrus Gold in 'Arrow''s two-part midseason finale, "The Scientist" and "Three Ghosts." We wouldn't be altogether surprised to learn that "someone" (*cough*, Slade) else survived his or her time on the island, or that the Canary's abandoned clock tower might find a better purpose, but the other items caught our eye.

Both the "question you should have asked" and "a blank expression" seem intended as clear references to DC superhero The Question, whom 'Arrow' EP Marc Guggenheim has been vocal about including in the series before. "The first vigilante" could fit any number of characters, as well, while "not all hoods are green" could be a reference to Red Hood, an identity adopted by multiple characters and most frequently associated with the Batman rogues gallery.

We'll get a heaping helping of DC with this Wednesday's Barry Allen debut in "The Scientist" regardless, so catch an early sneak peek with the character's introductory clip below. Tell us in the comments what you think about the potential new 'Arrow' arrivals! Which DC character would you most want to see meet Oliver Queen?