The Harlem Superstars are a fun bunch of guys, fantastic basketball players and great showmen. They know how to work a crowd, make people laugh and involve the kids...even the little ones!

They were at Cony High School in Augusta on Thursday evening to play against some Cony basketball players and a mixture of other students, which was just awesome. Getting the kids involved was a great idea and, from what I could tell, it was a huge hit!   After all, it did benefit these kids by helping fund Project Graduation.

From dancing to dunking to amazing tricks with the ball, intertwined with plenty of comedy and audience involvement, the Superstars made for a truly fun, family friendly evening of entertainment!  I shared referee duties with former basketball coach and all-around great guy and community man, Dave Hopkins.  Add coaches Norm Elvin (G&E Roofing and The China Dine-ah) and Senator Roger Katz as coaches, and I couldn't have been in better company.

Thanks to all who came out and to those who let me be a part of the show.  I did nothing but look goofy in my Angry Bird Jammies and Hawaiian shirt...but I sure had a good time!!

See the Harlem Superstars at Nokomis High School in Newport on Saturday night.