Even though Amanda Bynes has been involuntarily committed to a mental facility (after she started a blaze in a stranger's driveway), that didn't stop 'Pretty Little Liars' actress Ashley Benson from poking fun at the troubled star.

On Instagram, the 'Spring Breakers' star posted a picture of herself pouting with one eye squinted shut (an obvious reference to Amanda's infamous "sucking on a sour patch kid" video), and wrote, "Doing my Amanda bynes look this afternoon." She immediately began to receive mixed reactions, with some people saying Bynes, who is also famous for calling people like President Obama ugly on Twitter, is getting a taste of her own medicine.

However, others stuck up for Amanda, calling Ashley insensitive, especially with the most recent developments. One user wrote, "This is actually very rude. She is sick. Not cool to make fun of mentally ill people!" Another one of Benzo's Instagram followers added, "This is a great example of why Americans shy away from discussing mental health issues: the stigma runs deep. Being schizophrenic or having a mental illness is not to be made fun of."

In other Bynes news, the starlet's parents went to court yesterday (July 24) to try and receive a conservatorship, as their daughter is clearly incapable of making sound choices. New details have also suggested that Bynes may be schizophrenic, and from the sound of things, that diagnosis could be correct.

One of Bynes' friends from New York, Ana Rivera, shared some startling details about the actress with the NY Daily News. Speaking about an apartment Bynes lived in on Wall Street in Manhattan, Rivera said, "The (Wall Street) place was a mess. She didn't even have a shower curtain in the bathroom, so there was always an inch of water on the floor." She also claimed that Bynes only used red light bulbs in her apartment because "she said she liked the way it made her look."

Rivera continued, "She opened up, and it was obvious she had problems. It was immediately obvious she didn't have any friends. When I asked if she'd met a lot of people since she moved to New York, she said only me and another woman in her building."

She also recalled something very disturbing -- Bynes reportedly called Rivera ugly on more than one occasion, but never would remember doing so. "Everything she said out loud, she thought she was saying in her head. She never even apologized, she just carried on. When she says in public that it wasn't her, it must be an imposter, I don't think she's even aware or remembers going out in those outfits, and so (she) genuinely believes it's not her."

We really hope Amanda is getting the help she desperately needs and rightfully deserves.