Imagine you're a Maine game warden just out doing your job, you know, wardening, when you're suddenly thrust into the national limelight doing what you do best. That's basically the story of Augusta native, Warden Troy Thibodeau.

The 31-year-old will be featured on North Woods Law when it returns tonight on Animal Planet. Although a picture of Troy on the network's Facebook page contains the caption, "New Warden, New Crush?," Troy is a happily married warden. He and his wife Samantha have 2 young children.

Thibodeau graduated from Cony High School in 2000 and, last year, finished warden school. How will he do? Our bet is, because he's doing what he does best and the camera crew is just along for the ride, he'll be a hit. A star!

Just be clear, if you ever meet up with Troy in the wilderness (he's based in Kingfield), hope you're asking for HIS autograph. If he's asking for yours, that's not a good sign!

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