What is it about her (hair)?

Fans are wondering if Billie Eilish has been rocking a wig this whole time after the singer shared a cryptic TikTok video this afternoon (March 17).

In the brief clip, which is soundtracked by "Lo Vas A Olvidar," Eilish's collaboration with Rosalía, the singer can be seen clearly adjusting a wig featuring her signature black and green hairstyle over the blonde hair hidden underneath it.

Eilish starts laughing hysterically after nonchalantly adjusting the wig atop her head. Watch below:

Strangely, the clip seems to have been filmed at the same time as another video Eilish shared to TikTok on January 27. Her outfit, makeup, lighting and the room she's filming in all appear to be the same, making some wonder if she's been wearing a wig for the past month and a half—or the entire duration of her black and green hair era.

Earlier today, Eilish debuted a new (old?) shaggy blonde hairstyle on Instagram. Now, we're not sure if it's a freshly dyed 'do or if this look has simply been hidden for a few weeks. Either way, we're pretty obsessed.

The "everything i wanted" singer first debuted what has become her signature look back in the summer of 2019. See a throwback pic, below:

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