Maine's Strong Man and Strong Woman, Dana Geneseo and Holly MacKenzie joined us to talk about a big event they're a part of. Every year, the Strongman competition benefits the Augusta Little League. As in years past, the event will be held at the Augusta Armory and includes categories for men, women and teens.

The day will include what is called the 'Overhead Medley,' which features Keg, Log, Dumbbell, Axel, Descending Deadlift, Conana's Wheel and Atlas Stones. Sounds like a lot of work for this sexy guy, so I think I'll just watch, which you are more than welcome to do for just $5 per person. The event begins at 9:30 and runs all through the day Saturday (3/30).

Now, Holly Mac (Maine's strongest woman) and I got down to arm wrestling business this morning. Here's the video!